Morrissey lime is a premium agricultural limestone product manufactured in Co. Carlow.

The Morrissey family have manufactured agricultural lime for supply to farmer customers since the 1970’s. Dan Morrissey (Plazamont) can organise the delivery and spreading of ground limestone through their extensive network of lime spreading agents.

Morrissey’s Grolime is a necessary requirement for enhancing the performance of natural manure/slurry and processed fertilizers. It is a natural non-pollutant product and extremely cost-effective. It will provide a high return on your investment giving superior crops yield and thick heavy grasslands which in turn will provide silage rich crops.

Morrissey Grolime will provide quality grass and excellent quality silage for all your stock needs. In the equine industry, it has shown that lime based soils are the very backbone of its success providing both clean pastures of high quality grass and strong bone confirmation in the stock. Quality with the right quantity of nutrients in grass is vital to all young stock.

Morrissey Grolime for dairy is a necessity, providing better milk production and better-quality milk because of the lime based nutrients.


Location: Clonmelsh Quarry, Co. Carlow
Phone: 059 914 6142
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