Kilsaran International specialise in the manufacture of superior quality concrete and asphalt materials for the construction and agricultural industry in Ireland and the UK. We have a range of products which are designed to meet the needs of the agricultural sector including our range of Agricrete concrete mixes. Kilsaran Grolime is manufactured from 100% Irish Limestone and is available from a number of our locations around the country.

Our Grolime is manufactured and produced in a quality assured environment, ensuring its consistent superior quality and adherence to the requirements of the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine lime specifications.

Liming is recommended as the first step to take when aiming to improve soil fertility levels.

Kilsaran Grolime

  • regulates soil pH and improves nutrient availability to plants giving more efficient fertiliser application
  • increases the nutrient uptake in the soil
  • maximises the use of farm yard manure/slurry by balancing the ph with the decaying matter
  • 100% biodegradable and non polluting
  • manufactured and produced in Ireland

Kilsaran Grolime is produced in licenced quarries at the following locations;

Kilsaran Locations

Location: Rossmore
Co Cork
Phone: 021 4883120
Location: Rathcore, Enfield
Co Meath
Phone: 046 9541666