Harrington Concrete & Quarries have applied over 50 years of expertise to the development and processing of high quality ground limestone for agricultural use.

Our Grolime is tested and certified by the Department of Agriculture, and quality control is maintained by our in-house laboratory based at our head office in Kilkelly, County Mayo.

Harrington’s Grolime is locally quarried from a rich limestone deposit with a naturally high calcium content, The limestone rock is then crushed and graded to fine particles and dust and held in dry storage until final delivery.  Our Grolime has one of the highest total neutralising values in the country and combined with our reputation for quality it makes us the leading supplier in the region.

Harrington Concrete & Quarries can deliver Grolime throughout the Connaught region and also provide spreading services if required.

  • Neutralising Value (TNV)                        99%
  • Percentage passing 3.35mm sieve         100%
  • Percentage passing 0.150mm sieve       35%
  • Maximum moisture content                    3%


Location: Kilkelly, County Mayo, Ireland
Phone: 094 9367072
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.harringtonconcrete.ie