Kilcarrig Quarries is a family owned company with experience in the quarrying business of over 30 years. We produce superior ground limestone products such as High Calcium Lime, High Magnesium Lime, Cubicle Lime, Limestone filling of all types, Cattle Slats, Precast of all types, Concrete, Blocks, Sand and Gravel. We are one of the few tested and certified producers of Department of Agricultural approved Grolime in the Leinster area who can offer an option of either High Magnesiun or High Calcium Lime. Our lime is tested regularly and quality control is maintained by our own in-house laboratory.

We offer collection of Grolime ex works, delivered or delivered and spread in the greater Leinster area. Both Limes have a very high T.N.V and are a cost effective solution to improving your soil condition.

We have our own extensive fleet of vehicles for delivery which ensures we can deliver to you when you need it. We also have a vast network of Lime Spreaders across Leinster who can suit your needs and timetable.


Location: Kilcarrig
Co. Carlow
Phone: 059 972 1617
Email: [email protected]