In the January to October 2015 period, a total of 877,374 tonnes of agricultural lime were sold to farmers throughout Ireland.  This was a very strong performance with sales exceeding 2014 figures by 10%.  The excellent weather experienced across the country in October contributed to sales of 157,000 tonnes during that month alone, which was the highest monthly sales of agricultural lime recorded since September 2014.

Cork remains the county with the highest sales of lime accounting for almost one quarter of total sales in the January to October period.  Kilkenny has the second highest usage of lime in the country accounting for 7% of sales.

It is unclear if lime sales in 2015 will break the “one million tonnes barrier” for the first time since 2013 when 1.2 million tonnes of agricultural lime were sold in Ireland.  However it is encouraging to see that overall sales are likely to reach a level of twice those achieved in 2012 when approximately 0.5 million tonnes of lime was sold.

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